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(formerly Kurdyla and Associates)

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Downloadable PDF files from Human Global Communications – Kansai Office

(more to come…)

  • HGC Kansai Services (日本語)

    A brief description of services provided by Human Global Communications, Osaka Branch. With a partial list of our great clients. (in Japanese)

  • "Author's Toolkit" (英語)

    Articles from the long-running column by Ron Read in the IEICE Group-D Journal. Looks at common problems with English usage for writing technical/academic documents. Each article contains a mini-quiz with answers. For personal educational purposes only—please do not copy in large numbers. (in English)

  • FAQ: Rewriting Services (日本語)

    Frequently Asked Questions about our rewriting services. How we estimate rates, revise documents, and handle follow-up work. (in Japanese)

  • Rewriting Certificate (Sample)

    A sample of the certificates of rewriting that we issue upon request to send to editors at publications or conferences.

  • Order Form  申込書

    A simple order form: 1) MS Word template you can complete and save on your computer or 2) PDF file you can print, fill out by hand, and scan. Send with your e-mail when you place an order. It's only for your convenience—not necessary: You can also simply include the same information within your e-mail message when you place an order.

    DOWNLOAD HERE! (MS Word template)

  • Support files for Seminars

    Files that support various seminars and lectures given by HGC Kansai. These are copyright documents, but feel free to distribute to a few people for personal use only.

    1. Sample of personal résumé for recent university graduates (based on MS Word template)
    DOWNLOAD HERE! (MS Word file)